Operating along the northern east and west coasts of Australia as a preferred mining and civil earthworks contractor, the SAB Mining Group provides contractor, workforce planning, labour solutions and equipment hire services to the resources and civil construction sectors.

Scott Browne founded SAB in 2006 after a successful mining career which spanned 22 years, predominantly in production mining and leadership roles within both Rio Tinto and BHP. With a focus on safe workplace practices, Scott has won multiple safety excellence awards and implemented many safety and production oriented initiatives. He is now a successful entrepreneur, who has built a reputation on being a cost effective and service oriented contractor who delivers.



Our continual aim at the the SAB Mining Group is to be a preferred mining and civil earthworks contractor across northern Australia, delivering safe, cost effective outcomes in partnership with the clients we work with, our people, our local communities and businesses and service providers.



With a commitment to excellence in everything that we do, the SAB Mining Group operations are based on our ability to THINK!



•    We operate as one team – acting in the all of our best interests
•    Supporting and respecting each other
•    Believing and exhibiting a strong work ethic
•    Partnering with suppliers and service providers who align with our values


Home Life

•    Families are always priority number one
•    Our rosters support a work-life balance
•    The SAB team are our extended family
•    We contribute and participate in our local community



•    Honest and open communication – at all times
•    Ethical behaviour, no exemptions or excuses
•    Telling the truth, whether the news is good or bad
•    Admitting mistakes and not creating a culture of “blame”


Never Say Never

•    Deliver on all of our promises
•    A can-do, positive attitude
•    Reliable and consistent


Know What You Are Doing

•    Capable and competent
•    Focus on continual learning and training
•    Understanding our clients and suppliers
•    Operating safely and efficiently




The SAB Mining Group is committed to recruiting and training Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders, and individuals from outside the resources sector to help grow the skill sets required across Australia’s mining industry. We believe that newcomers to the industry quickly become competent, safe and reliable operators under the guidance of our skilled and experienced leaders.



The health and safety of our people is our number one priority, and is at the forefront of everything we do. Safety is not just about following rules, it has to be ingrained into the culture; the normal way of working. As a result, the SAB Mining Group has an enviable safety record, thanks to our focus on personal accountability. We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients and our community are impressed by our performance. We continually endeavour to manage our quality, safety and environmental performance.