SAB Mining Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer and both men and women of all ages and Indigenous Australians are encouraged to apply.

Our vision is to ensure we are providing an equal opportunity environment to men and woman of all ages and gender, including indigenous Australians right across Queensland and the Torres Strait.  The SAB Mining Group will ensure that our local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander are given the opportunity to work within our businesses as valued employees.

We will know that we have succeeded when we have a workplace that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve.

SAB Mining Group is dedicated to ensuring that our businesses are places where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people feel welcome as valued employees.

We have implemented various cultural initiatives and awareness training aligned with the EAP to deliver a stronger workforce with diverse knowledge and a greater understanding of Aboriginal cultural values.

SAB is actively involved in Traditional Owner Group’s engagement with regards to contractual agreements, employment and will investigate future community development and activities.

We strive to engage and maintain the continuous improvement of engagement with Indigenous communities within which we work, valuing our strong relationships with our tradition owner elders.


As a proud member of the local community of Collinsville, the SAB Group support not only the community through sponsorships and funding but also the local businesses. One such initiative is our practical approach to having a fit and healthy workforce. Fitness for work is critical in this industry so to help encourage our team’s physical fitness, all SAB Group employees are provided with 24 hour 7 days a week access to the local Collinsville gymnasium, The Shredding Shed.